Intelligent Lane Assistant and the option to bypass toll roads in any country in Europe - these are the new features of the AutoMapa application.


‍Howdoes the new Lane Assistant in AutoMapa work?

The new APR is an intelligent functionality proven in challenging situations, at complex intersections. Within the mapped route, the APR clearly indicates to the driver the lanes to be taken and the maneuvers to be made, e.g. if the right lane should be taken at an intersection, the right lane will be highlighted in the drawing and the turn arrow will be additionally highlighted. One glance is enough to know how to drive and thus avoid uncontrolled, nervous movements or last-minute maneuvering decisions.

Depending on the number or type of road, the APR colors change, further enhancing the visibility of the function on the app's screen, making it even easier and safer to reach your destination.

The system has been expanded to include a Signpost, an information board that displays under the APR drawing, telling the driver which major city to head to, according to road signs and the navigation destination. This further facilitates driving - conveniently and without stress.

AutoMapa, Lane Assistant with Signpost

Where did the idea for such an APR project come from?

According to Jan Korytkowski, AutoMapa's UX Design Director:


The new APR is inspired by the warning signs that drivers are familiar with on the road. We wanted to create an expressive, quick-to-decode element that would show drivers where to go and how in a split second, especially with voice commands turned off, at complex intersections or on multi-lane routes.

The new Lane Assistant takes up little space in the navigation screen, does not obstruct the map view and works together with the Signpost. The set of new features has been tested in many road situations and is unequivocally well received.As independent testers write in the Google Play store:


Version 7.9.2 beta excellent lane assistant 💪 very cool displays and indicates the signpost, I really like the color change of the assistant changing depending on the road number or highways, very cool it is refined . I hope it will stay like this (...). 


Update 793-6010-This is a world champion. I am talking about the lane assistant. It indicates the NEXT town name in the direction of my route. It overlaps with the Traffic Tables. This has always been missing. Now it is great. The map is developing in a very good direction.

What's more in the latest version of navigation?

The manufacturer does not give in to holiday slowdowns and enriches the latest version of the application with another very useful solution - the option to bypass toll roads on European routes, with the possibility of selecting the country.This feature takes into account the requests of users who have drawn our attention to the need for separate treatment of toll roads in each country, because, for example, the length of the trip sometimes makes it impossible to select the appropriate length of the toll in a particular place, or with a small excess of the road it pays to bypass toll roads and see another part of the world at the same time.

So, from the latest version of the navigation, when we set a route in Europe, we can decide whether we let ourselves be guided by toll roads, or whether we want to turn off this option in a certain country and get navigation on free roads. This both saves and gives us the option of greater control, which some drivers may like very much, as they will be able to make a decision according to the need of the moment. 

Download the latest version of the app and see for yourself how the new solutions work on the road.