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The navigation that gets you to where you want to go safely.
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AutoMapa navigates you precisely to your destination, based on detailed, original maps and Traffic data. What is more, it also works reliably offline, i.e. wherever you need it - on a forest road, by a lake, when you set the route in an underground garage, on a plane...

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AutoMapa Targeo is the largest Polish map service

The largest Polish map service

Map out your route and send it to your phone.

Sometimes it's better to plan your route on a computer and then use the navigation on your smartphone. Especially when there are various attractions waiting to be visited along the way. The AutoMapa Targeo map service, thanks to MapCloud services, synchronises with the navigation and enables reading of routes saved on Targeo. You can plan the route using public transport or a car, with stops along the way and even with automatic route optimisation (for the PRO service). Such a map can be saved as a favourite, printed or sent to a phone, so that AutoMapa can navigate you.

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AutoCB user interface in the AutoMapa navigation application

Fellow drivers, how is the road to Gdańsk?

How to interact with other drivers.

Are you about to hit the road and want to know the situation on the route? Are you a witness to an event? Turn on AutoCB, the combination of digital CB radio and walkie-talkie, and talk to other drivers.

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AutoMapa Enterprise helps to develop business - geomarketing

Offer for business

Support in managing the work of courier teams, optimizing routes and deliveries.

AutoMapa Enterprise offers server solutions for businesses in the areas of
management and last-mile delivery optimization, geocoding, telematics, logistics network analysis and spatial data visualization, among others, as well as API development libraries of advanced map functions for further integration by corporate customers. 

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