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You reach the target reliably.

Because we know 100% of Polish roads and addresses.

Own data
AutoMapa has its own data

AutoMapa has its own map data for Poland, whose quality is legendary. That is why it is used by all those who care about time and precision of driving, such as the Air Rescue, ambulance drivers, Fire Brigade and Police.

AutoMapa is updated on a regular basis

Maps of Poland show you the actual status - hundreds of thousands of kilometres of roads you can drive on today, and the roads under construction you'll take as soon as they're open. We update the data on a regular basis.

AutoMapa maps are very detailed

We remember about the smallest details - technical roads, forest roads, settlements, farmsteads, we give local and customary names of places and areas. We know that this is important to you.

You will arrive on time.

Stress-free, avoiding traffic jams and congestion.

The Traffic System
AutoMapa Traffic is the way to avoid traffic jams

AutoMapa is the first to know about traffic jams. Reliable information is provided by the Traffic System. Thanks to it you will avoid traffic jams and other stressful obstacles as much as possible, which cause delays.
And you always know what time you will arrive at your destination.

Different route types
Different types of routes in AutoMapa: fast, short, off-road, optimal

In AutoMapa you can choose the type of the preferred route. Some want to be as fast as possible, others prefer to drive along more driver-friendly roads, i.e. without difficult manoeuvres and left turns. For 4x4 fans there is an off-road route, for walkers, there is a pedestrian route, and when you fly, you can use the cross-country route.

More about route types >

You drive in comfort.

There are many options available for your convenience.

Communication with the vehicle
AutoMapa Android Auto AA

Integration with AndroidAuto and Car Play

Lane Assistant (APR) will guide you on the road

With AutoMapa you know in advance which lane to take thanks to Lane Assistant.

Traffic lights
On AutoMapa maps all traffic lights are marked

Information on traffic lights at junctions helps you to find your way on the road and when manoeuvring.

Speed limits
AutoMapa displays the current speed limit

The applicable speed limit for the road you are travelling on is displayed on the screen.

Measuring your speed
AutoMapa informs about your current speed

You can also see the speed at which you are traveling.

Any scale in navigation
You can adapt the map view to your needs

You can adjust the scale of the map to suit your needs, and switch it with a click while you're driving. You're not limited to one option.

You can travel safely.

We make sure you know everything.

AutoMapa AutoRadar will warn you of radars and dangerous places

AutoMapa will warn you of particularly dangerous places, where a speed camera, a section measuring speed, a police patrol or an accident has just occurred.

You can enjoy 100% certainty.

Because you will always arrive at the address of your choice.

 Works offline
AutoMapa also works offline, without the Internet.

You can plan the route in an underground car park when you set off. And without hesitation you can travel to a tiny cottage by the lake, even in the most remote corner, in the wilderness, as map data is always with you and AutoMapaguides you regardless of the phone reception.

You drive optimally.

With solutions for professionals.

For trucks
AutoMapa for trucks

Advanced route mapping for trucks in Poland in AutoMapa for Android and iOS, after specifying the parameters of the car - you just need to specify the dimensions of the vehicle to avoid collision with an overpass that is too low, a bridge with too low load capacity, or to avoid hitting a road that is too narrow. This is the comfort of smooth driving and arriving on time.

 For emergency vehicles and taxis
AutoMapa for emergency and taxi vehicles, taxis

Intelligent routing on roads accessible only to emergency vehicles, such as taxis, fire engines, ambulances. Legal restrictions and physical barriers taken into account.

Goal optimisation
Route optimisation and multipoint routes

Optimised multi-point routes, either for now or for a future date. Time for stops and rest periods included in the calculation.

Detailed data
Detailed road picketing data are presented on maps

Very detailed maps: kilometrage points along the route, guarded and unguarded railwaycrossings, buildings (3D), street numbers. These are just a few of the many useful pieces of information.

You make a good duo.

You decide the settings for your application.

Taking preferences into account
AutoMapa can bypass ferries

Select the preferred routes, avoiding motorways, toll roads (AutoMapa will calculate the cost of the trip) and ferries.

 Choice of colours
Map colour selection in AutoMapa is possible

The colour palette on the AutoMapa display will change depending on the time of day and your favourite colours (light, dark, night vision and other versions). You can also select the font size.

Multiple languages
AutoMapa navigation will guide you in 10 different languages

We navigate in 10 languages spoken by our navigators. You will ride in the company of Krzysztof Holowczyc or Marzena, Kinga, Erica, Elisabeth, Sergei and others. You can choose yourself.

You support Polish business.

Thank you!

 Developed in Poland
AutoMapa is a Polish navigation application

The AutoMapa navigation application is developed in Poland, by a team of professionals and enthusiasts who are sensitive to all local issues, such as road regulations, road openings/blocks, changing street names, or tiny settlements
and farmsteads in the wilderness. You can contact those people by email and by phone when you get back to us in times of need.

In existence since 2002

AutoMapa Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company which has been on the market since 2002. Today, it is not only a navigation system valued by millions of drivers, but also the largest Polish map service Targeo.pl and a range of modern telematics technologies for companies.

Let yourself be navigated!
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