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Release of the first AutoMapa version
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AutoMapa Enterprise supports over 50% of courier shipments

AutoMapa is a Polish company and a Polish brand of popular navigation on the phone, which has been available to drivers since 2003. It is also the operator of the largest Polish map service, known for years as Targeo, and recently presented as AutoMapa Targeo (www.targeo.pl). It also offers the AutoCB application, a combination of walkie-talkie and CB radio for talking to other drivers, and Enterprise services, a wide range of map and telematics tools for businesses. The entire offer is tied together by MapCloud, a cloud of AutoMapa and Targeo services, which allows synchronization and data management.

Data reliability

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The maps in navigation and in the service are distinguished on the market by their accuracy, confirmed by life-saving services which use them, such as the Air Rescue, Fire Brigade, ambulance drivers as well as courier and taxi companies. AutoMapa knows all the roads which have been put into operation and those which are planned, it has 100% address coverage in cities, 99% of lakes and rivers, almost 98% of villages and settlements. It illustrates guarded and unguarded railway crossings and traffic lights at intersections in almost 100%.

Solutions for companies

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The business services offered by AutoMapa as part of its Enterprise offering include a range of server solutions for last-mile delivery management and optimization, geocoding, telematics, logistics network analysis and spatial data visualization, as well as API programming libraries of advanced map functions for further integration by corporate customers. AutoMapa's services are used by logistics and courier companies, as well as restaurants, retail chains, advertising agencies and marketing departments of many companies.

What is most important

AutoMapa's mission is to provide technology that will make everyday life easier. Leading to the best solutions (choosing the best road, the best system, optimizing existing systems). And the goal is always to increase convenience and quality: safety and comfort of travel and greater business efficiency. With the products offered, AutoMapa's customers can do more and have it easier: travel more comfortably and faster, work more efficiently and have continuous development. AutoMapa is professional support, a technology that makes life easier every day, almost imperceptibly.

AutoMapa. Let yourself be guided.

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